Who the heck am I?

My name is Bruce and I am the owner and principle photographer at Impact Photographic Design. I've been involved in the photographic industry since the tender age of 15 years old in high school. Though that taught me the basics, my real education in photography started when I joined the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) as a student member as a 17 year old.   I credit PPOC with the majority of my knowledge in this industry.  I've been an active member since I joined as a teenager - serving on the board of directors in Manitoba, heading up national projects, programs, committees as well as attending countless seminars and educational programs throughout my many years of membership. 

Though I did my first professional assignment as a 17 year old, I opened Hendricks Photography when I was 19 - photographing weddings, portraits and some commercial work as a teenager.  In 1996 I received an invitation to move out west and join a well know studio in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia as a partner. I closed down Hendricks Photography and moved to British Columbia....though those first six months I spent a lot of time on planes flying back to Winnipeg to photograph weddings and other assignments I had committed to photograph. They say home is where the heart is, and even though I was living and working in BC my heart was definitely back in Winnipeg with my family and friends. I spent 5 1/2 years out in British Columbia at that studio before I moved back to Winnipeg to be close to the people that matter most to me. In 2002 I started Impact Photographic Design and have been working in Winnipeg ever since. 

Technically Impact Photographic Design has two business addresses.  Though all meeting with clients (Design sessions, ordering appointments, etc) take place at my home office on Simpson Avenue, my studio itself is downtown in the exchange district on McDermot Avenue.  It's a mixture of both a traditional and modern studio look with all kinds of backgrounds, but it also has two window light areas that offer a soft look to the portraits.  The building itself is 100 years old so it has a lot of character, which can lend itself nicely to some unique looks in photographs when desired. Though the studio is great, a lot of my work is also photographed on location in and around Winnipeg, at clients homes and cottages, their favourite parks, local businesses for commercial work, etc.  Every assignment is different and needs to be approached in the best way to accomplish the exact look that is being desired.

I mentioned my belief in professional Photographic Associations and how valuable I believe they are. It's my philosophy that one must continue to learn and push the boundaries of their own ability to be able to constantly produce better and more creative images for their clients. Therefore I am a current and active member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (both Manitoba and British Columbia regions) as well as a Certified member of the Professional Photographers of America.

- Professional Photographers of Canada

- Professional Photographers of America

On a personal note,  I like to think I have a wicked sense of humour (maybe slightly on the sarcastic side!).  I'm a huge animal lover and currently have one crazy cat named Patches that is totally awesome.... but also can be totally annoying at the same time (she's a cat, what else did you expect?). I'm a CFL fan and support the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Seeing that the NHL has corrected a huge mistake it made back in 1996 and the Jets have now returned to Winnipeg I have ended my boycott of all things NHL and once again passionately support our team! (Official season ticket waiting list member #1253 and climbing!) For the record "yes" you can partially pay for your invoice in Jets tickets!  It's been a decade now that I've taken up curling...still working on being good at it.  In the winter months I play badminton and have taken up cycling in the summer.  Oh and though it may be a greasy spoon,  I'm definitely a fan of Salisbury House Nips!