What I do...
  • Portrait 
  • Wall Decor
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Public Relations/Branding Images
  • Wedding/Event

At Impact Photographic Design our goal is to create outstanding photographs for all our clients. No matter what we are doing for you -  making outstanding memories that will last for generations in the form of cherished family portraits..... capturing the character and innocence of your precious little ones with child portraits....  showing the love and emotions you share with your special someone with engagement and wedding photographs..... capturing your seductive side with intimate/nude or boudoir photographs you for the one you love or just yourself you can be sure that Impact Photographic Design will create something outstanding to satisfy your needs. Maybe you have a business that requires photographs of your employees, your products or the production process.... don't worry  we can handle that for you as well.   Of course, let's not forget your little four legged friend! Impact Photographic Design strongly believes that "pets are people too" and are just as  big a part of your family as two legged children. Fido, Fee-fee and Rover deserve to have outstanding portraits taken of them as well so you can always remember how wonderful your time together was.  

The fact is that while Impact Photographic Design specializes in people photography (portraits of all kinds)  and some commercial work, we are confident in our knowledge and ability to handle just about any photographic assignment you can throw our way. Anyone can push a button. 
However pushing a button makes you no more a photographer than sitting in your garage makes you a car.  A talented photographer knows how to control and manipulate light, understands the complexity of perspective and composition, has the ability to present the human body in ways that are most flattering to the subject, and about a million things more.  In short, a true photographer has the ability to take any subject and photograph it in a way that presents it in the most appealing way possible. 
In hiring Impact Photographic Design you are commissioning Master Photographer Bruce Allen Hendricks to create something special and outstanding for you.  Anything worth having is worth investing in - both monetarily as well as with your time.  The process of creating something outstanding  involves feedback and involvement from you. Together we can discuss your needs and design a session that best fulfills them.  Your input in the process is extremely important, therefor all sessions start with a Discussion and Design session.  They sessions typically take 30-45 minutes (depending on how much yapping we do).  At this meeting you'll not only be informed of how the entire process will work but we will plan out your session to make sure you we are doing exactly what will satisfy you the best.  
Everything starts with a phone call.  Please go to the contact page and contact the studio to set up an appointment for your Portrait Design Session today!