You can tell what a person values by looking at what they hang on their walls.

Impact Photographic Design specializes in Wall Decor.  As such, we work with software that allows our clients to pre-visualize what their finished pieces will end up like on their walls at the time of ordering.  This allows us to show you exactly what different sizes and styles will look like in your home, on your walls.   This way there will be no surprises when you get your portraits on your walls. We can get the exact size that is perfect for the space it's going in!

This short video will explain the process and demonstrate the "home work" you will be given and how to go about completing it (trust us, it's really easy!).  We have found that using this system has been so beneficial to clients that we now require everyone to complete this process before an ordering appointment takes place.  Out goal is to create outstanding images for you and want you to be thrilled with your finished pieces.  Making sure the portraits are displayed in the proper size for the space they will be displayed in is a critical part of the process.