If you are a professional photographic organization looking for a speaker for your conference or workshop please contact me directly to discuss dates, topics, speaking fees and potential sponsorship possibilities.  I am a qualified national qualified Canadian photographic juror and am available for judging or jury chair duties.


Below are a list of potential topics you may wish to consider having me present to your organization:



SLDP - The Recipe for Dynamic Images

For over thirty years I've been working on a system I call "SLDP". It has shaped the way I photograph and my overall style since I was a teenager. When people say "Composition" they automatically think "Rule of Thirds"...ok fine. But there is so much more to outstanding composition than that. In reality most people pay little attention to composition, just going with what they have been told. But why? Why do people find certain compositions pleasing, while others seem boring? More importantly, how can you take all of this knowledge and use it to your advantage? This seminar is designed for you to understand how to manipulate the viewer's subconscious mind into liking your images...when they themselves cannot even explain why. They say Chess is a game of war..only in Chess both sides know they are playing. With this system, the viewer does not realize his or her subconscious mind is being manipulated.



Flash Me BABY!

*WARNING!* ...this seminar contains a "MATH" component! But don't worry, I'll guide you through it step by step. (We'll get through it together!)

There are some fundamentals that need to be understood before we can explore the world of photographic lighting properly! Once we get that out of the way we can explore the world of Chromazones, Zone lighting, light ratios and of course using, modifiying and mastering studio strobes as well as speedlights (on & off the camera as well as the use of multiple speedlights....even in auto mode in conjunction with studio strobes and still get proper exposures from each....wrap your head around THAT ONE!).  Think you don't neet a handheld meter'll quickly learn why a good meter is one of your best investments you'll ever make! 



Salesroom Psychology

The most important room in your business is NOT the camera room. It's the sales room! Businesses are made or broken in the sales room when it comes to selling (or more likely not selling) their work. Unfortunately, today it seems like so many new photographers are going out of their way to do the absolute worst things they can do for their business. It's as if they want to go bankrupt! Literally checking off line by line of the worst things they can do to make them lose money...and then they implement that as a new policy! WOW! .....Shoot and burn the entire session for peanuts! Those that do sell prints price them so low they have no chance of making anything.....especially because they all think "online sales" is the way to go. NO, NO, ...and in case you didn't hear me - NO! Great orders are not just "taken" but they are created! It starts from the very first contact you have with the client and continues on and culminates with a proper sales room game plan played out to perfection. Learn secrets that it has taken me years and countless seminars to learn, making your learning curve so much shorter. Walk away from this seminar with confidence knowing you'll be making more money right away from your very next sales session!