I'm pretty good...here's proof!

I am Bruce Allen Hendricks MPA F.Ph, F/PPOC-BC, CPP and I am very proud to say I am one of the most decorated and award winning photographers in Manitoba history. Often I am asked what exactly the letters after my name mean; in short I have received recognition as an outstanding photographer from some of the most respected professional photographic associations in North America. These organizations are dedicated to the betterment of the profession, acknowledgement of skill and quality within the photography community, and to identifying outstanding photographers to the general public. Here is an explanation of some of the degrees and awards I've earned...from work I've done for clients:

MPA - Master of Photographic Arts (8 Bars)
The Master of Photographic Arts is bestowed by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and takes many years to achieve. It is a degree that few photographers achieve in the course of their career. Achieving the MPA takes years of work and is based on both the work produced and a dedication to the improvement of the photography industry as a whole. First and foremost you must continually demonstrate outstanding photographic ability by having your work judged and passed by other Master Photographers over the course of numerous years. Dedication to industry improvement is shown through workshops, seminars and classes for other professional photographers that focus on helping them learn to become better in their craft. Once a photographer has earned the MPA they can continue to demonstrate their outstanding ability by earning Bars for their MPA. Each Bar is equivalent to earning half of an MPA, I am proud to say I have earned five Bars, enough work to earn my MPA three and a half times over. 

Master Photographers are considered leaders in the industry and there are only 14 in the Province of Manitoba currently.  I am the youngest Manitoban in history to have achieved the title of Master Photographer.  

F.Ph. - Manitoba Fellowship Designation (2 Bars)
F/PPOC-BC - British Columbia Fellowship Designation

Each chapter of the Professional Photographers of Canada has their own Fellowship designation. Though exact qualifications vary between chapters, they are all similar to earning the Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) designation from PPOC, but only on a provincial level. Just like earning an MPA, Fellowship designations take years to earn and require outstanding photographic ability and dedication to the industry.   I am the only living photographer (and only the second in history) to achieved Fellowship designations from two different provincial chapters of the Professional Photographers of Canada!  


CPP - Certified Professional Photographer
The Professional Photographic Certification Commission is an international organization dedicated to raising the ability and knowledge of professional Photographers. It is intended to be a gauge for the general public to know that their photographer has met and exceed minimum levels of skill and ability.  Though extremely popular in the United States, Canadian photographers have been slow to adopt this qualification level for the public's awareness.  Not only was I the first Manitoban to earn this designation, I was also one of the first four Canadian photographers selected to become a liaison for this Commission. Liaisons serve as representatives and administer the written test required for qualification as a CPP.


I have a long list of photographic awards below are a few of the highlights: 

4x Manitoba Photographer of the Year 
Every year each provincial Chapter of the PPOC holds an image salon (competition).  Photographers in the Chapter can submits 4 images for judgment.  The Photographer of the Year Award is giving to the photographer whose submission is judged to be superior to all others.

11x Finalist for Photographer of the Year 
Between the Manitoba and British Columbia Chapters I have been a finalist in 9 different years.


2x Most Creative Awards
In each salon one image is deemed to be the most creative entry.  This is considered one of the most respected awards to achieve.


Wedding Album of the Year Award
Each photographer may submit an entire wedding album for judging and they are judged on the album in its entirety.


President’s Award (Highest Scoring Image)
The highest scoring image in the Professional Photographers of Canada - Manitoba Chapter image salon.


3 Canadian Loan Collection Images
Every year the Professional Photographers of Canada select the top 40 images in the country to represent the quality of professional photography in Canada.


2 Child Portrait Awards
Awarded for the best image of a child or children in the annual provincial image salon.  


12 National Accreditations
Accreditations are considered a specialty in a given area of photography.  They are achieved through submitting a series of 10 images in a specific category to be judged by a panel of qualified judges. I have accreditations in Portraits, Family Portraits, Child & Infant Portraits, Environmental Portraits, Animal Portraits, Senior Portraits, Wedding Story, Wedding Formal, Environmental Weddings, Wedding Couples, Feline Portraits and Canine Portraits. 


Other Qualifications:
In addition to my degrees and awards I have written numerous articles for both the photographic industry and the general public.  I am a qualified national photographic juror and often asked to judge professional photographic competitions throughout Canada.  As part of my desire to improve the photographic industry I teach photography through seminars and lectures to both professional and amateur photographers alike.


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