How much?

Though it’s impossible to explain all the pricing options and variable ways of approaching each portrait, wedding or commercial photography assignment, the following will give you some basic information. For additional information, please contact the studio and make an appointment so we can discuss & design your photographs in person.

Retainer vs. Session Fee
Impact Photographic Design works with a retainer system rather then a standard session fee system you may be familiar with. Retainers can vary depending on what is involved in your particular session, though they usually range between $400- $700. Either way the full retainer stays on file and is applied 100% towards your order. You can think of it as a minimum order that allows us to justify not having to charge you a session fee to create your images.  In the end it’s actually a savings for the client.

Portrait Rates:
Please contact the studio to make an appointment to come in and see all the different options for you to fully understand what is available and understand the difference in pricing between them. However, I will say that we have a full range of options and pricing available. Impact Photographic Design focuses on creating outstanding portraiture and specifically Wall Decor. Therefore we have a two tier pricing structure. Once you invest in an appropriately sized wall portrait, an Album or an Image Box of the portraits we created for your from your session you will find that the prices for most all other other products will be reduced. It's a system that is designed to both be fair to the client as well as the studio.  Having said that, Impact Photographic Design focuses on creating personalized and outstanding work and we price our work accordingly,  though prices start as little as $125.   


Ordering Appointment:
Impact Photographic Design projects our images at an in person ordering appointment.  To help make things easier for our clients we use a system that allows us to project your portraits (proportionate to real life sizes) onto photographs of your walls (simple homework that is assigned to you at the Portrait Design Session) so there is absolutely no guesswork involved, you see exactly what your portraits will look like on your walls before you even order them.  We also offer special pricing that can save you potentially hundreds of dollars when the order is finalized and payment has been arranged at the Ordering Appointment.  As well, since we offer a very personalized service our time is valuable.  We feel sad when  we we are forced to charge clients for time spent at additional ordering appointments because the client was not prepared to finalize their order at the initial one.  That is why we ask & expect our clients to prepare for the Ordering Appointment ahead of time so there is no need to charge them for additional meetings to finalize their orders and we together can work through the process of designing a collection of images that best suit the images created and your particular needs.


Weddings Photography Rates:
Impact Photographic Design has decided to take a different approach compared to most photographers when it comes to wedding photography. We believe in providing our clients with a properly finished wedding album to remember and cherish their day. By properly finished I mean artistically designed, fully art worked and presented in an album that you can be proud of when showing off your wedding memories to your friends and family. Impact Photographic Design can photograph your wedding and present this type of finished wedding album to you starting for as little as only $2,500, though most couples typically spend between $4,000 - $7,000 on their wedding memories with us.

For a complete understanding of how we work and to see the full range of products and services we offer in regards to wedding photography please call the studio to arrange for an in person consultation.


Travel Rates:
Any session taking place within 100 kilometres from the city of Winnipeg does not incur any travel charges, though a higher retainer is likely.  Distant assignments may incur km, airline, hotel and/or car rental etc. charges. Please contact the studio to discuss your particular situation.


Commercial Photography Rates:
$1200/day (8 hours)
Computer Time $100/hour

Depending on the assignment, overall job quotes are possible as well. Please contact the studio for further information.  For commercial photography assignments travel time is also charged.