Dogs Are People Too!

Same with cats, gold fish, birds, etc.... you get the picture (pun intended!).  They are just as much of our families as your human children.  The only horrible thing is they don't live nearly as long as we wish they would.  That is why it is so important to capture amazing photographs now of them. Adding them to the family portrait is great.  However, why not also do a session centring around them that shows off their personalities as well as the special bond you share with them?  Animals are amazing souls and can brighten even our darkest days with just a head tilt, a purr or a little cuddle.

Every animal is different and has their own personality.  They will live in our hearts forever.  However amazing portraits will allow their legacy and the special bond you share with them to live on well past their years on this earth.  For all the love they give us... while asking for so little... their legacy should never be forgotten.

 Don't wait, for we never know what tomorrow may bring....