I am looking for Breast Cancer Survivors:


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For several years now I have had an idea for an inspiration book of stories and photographs of women who have beaten Breast Cancer and have returned back to their normal lives. Along with short inspirational write-ups (maybe 500 words tops) each woman will be photographed back in their normal life doing what is important to them.  Be that:

- Playing with their children

- Back at work doing their job

- Back participating in their favourite hobbies

- It could be anything that is important to them

The basic premise of this project is to prove to women that were just diagnosed with Breast Cancer that it is NOT a death sentence.  They can beat the disease and go back to living and enjoying their lives just like they were doing before the diagnosis.  I want to give these women hope when they are at their most fearful and when they are at their lowest.

I am looking for women of all ages and body shapes who are willing to share some inspirational words about their journey beating Breast Cancer and are willing to be photographed doing something that is very important to them (their career/job, hobbies, family life, etc).  These images will be classy and will not be nudes of any kind. The goal is to give newly diagnosed women hope and calm their fears.

Now, the long term goal of this project is a book.  However there are many steps in between A and Z.  It may never get to the point of actually being a book, but that is the goal.  Along the way there may be art showings, etc.  I honestly don't know everywhere this project may lead, time will tell.  

I have a little knowledge of self-publishing as well as know people who have worked with a publisher. However, that is a long way down the road.  A book (or series) is the end goal, but there are so many hurdles that need to be overcome at this point that  I cannot guarantee 100% it will fully get to the point of being a book...but that is my goal.  

The FIRST step in this process is to start building a body of work of women's images and short inspirational stories.  All participants will need to sign a contract stating all rights of the stories and images are my ownership and can be used  without  further compensation - this is non-negotiable.  Each participant will receive as a thank you for taking part, each participant with recieve  one 8x10 of their choice from the photo shoot and 20% off my regular portrait prices if they happen to wish to order any additional portraits.  Additional sales from these sessions is not my goal, however I decided I will offer that discount to the women who take part as an added thank you if they choose to take advantage of that or not.  We will need to get together at my gallery/office and talk and I will design the look of the images to be created.  I am willing to do extras in a style of your choice at the same time (after the images for the project are done) if you wish to order additional portraits as an added thank you for taking part in this project.

Women interested in taking part in this project must PHONE  the studio (no email, no text)  After an initial phone conversation we will set-up an appointment for us to meet and discuss your story at my gallery/office in person.  We will plan out the shoot at that time.  You are free to bring anyone you wish to that meeting.  I want this project to be 100% family friendly and even be a book family members of the women who are just diagnosed with Breast Cancer can read to get over the shock of the diagnosis and have hope, just like I want to give to these women.

For those who are wondering why I wish to do this my own Mom beat Breast Cancer twice.  I had the idea of this project percolating in my mind probably starting 8 years ago.  Sadly I never started it (I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph my Mom, I had the story and image in my mind down to a T).  Sadly, she passed away before I was able to get off my butt and take action on this project. Yes I feel a little guilty about that. If a book does eventually materialize it will be of course dedicated to my Mom.  A great way to honour her would be to give hope to women who were just diagnosed with Breast Cancer and who are (let’s be honest here) freaking out. I want to create a book that they can pick up and read and realize their diagnosis doesn’t mean all doom and gloom.  They can get past this hurdle and get back to living their lives and doing the things they love to do.  Please help me find women are willing to be part of this.  

If you are a Breast Cancer survivor and are interested in taking part please contact me at the number below.  Or, if you know someone who might be interested in taking part (any age) please pass this information along to them. 


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