Ellie - The Model With Long Legs, Blonde Hair, Paws & A Tail....
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August 24, 2018
By Impact Photographic Design
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Let me introduce you to “Ellie," a 7 year old Golden Retriever.  Ellie’s Mom Hillary takes her to Sage Creek Animal Hospital to keep her in perfect health.   That’s where she was introduce to Impact Photographic Design and our images.  Ellie was given a special gift from Sage Creek for being such a fantastic patient of theirs - a Family Portrait Session with us and and an Aluminum Estee Collection ($400 value).  When Ellie’s Mom came down to talk about what we were going to do for them she informed me that Ellie had recently lost her brother Zack.  Mom was sorry we hadn’t been introduced sooner as I could have photographed both of her dogs together.  Luckily, Zack had past had been photographed by another photographer when they lived-in another province.  So I came up with the idea of including one of those previous photographs so we can make sure the boy she had lost was still part of the family.   Mom loved the idea!

At the session we did lots of Mom and Ellie, Ellie alone as well as Ellie and the portrait of her brother Zack who had gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Besides studio images I took them out to the Forks at sunset to do something a little different for them  Ellie had a great time and was a trooper to work with - a real model!  
Mom LOVED all the Portraits and ordered a 12” Image Box filled with 21 of the portraits I created for them!   Right beside their fireplace will hang a wall portrait of both her dogs together,  Ellie and Zack who is running and jumping on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge playing in the fields…. 
Animals are not “just" pets.  Animals are members of our family. Their one flaw is (sadly) they don’t live as long as we wished they would.  Making sure they are remember by having fantastic portraits of them done now while they are with you will allow you to member just how much they mean to you after they too have gone over the Rainbow Bridge….. 

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