Canadian Imaging Conference 2018 - Vancouver
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May 18, 2018
By Impact Photographic Design
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2018 Canadian Imaging Conference 

Vancouver, British Columbia


So a few months ago I was selected (for the 3rd time) as one of the Judges for the Professional Photographers of Canada's National Image Competition.  This competition happens yearly and is a big deal in the photographic industry.It's your one chance to impress the judges with outstanding work and earn potential merits towards your eventual goal of attaining the title of Master of Photographic Arts.  Most photographers never come close to attaining that achievement during their entire career. It's a proud brag for me to to say I earned mine when I was still a young pup at 28 yers old - the youngest Manitoban to even earn that designation. Now, (at least a few years later) I have 6 Bars after that title (it's like earning my Masters  4 times over) I'm at the stage of my career where i not only still compete, but I am considered one of the senior judges in the country. I've had the distinct honour of having been asked to judge our National Competition three times already over the last 6 years - besides numerous times judging at the regional level.  (In fact i just agreed to be the "Jury Chair" (the person who over sees the judges and keep them all in line!  lol) later on in the year in Saskatoon for the Saskatchewan/Manitoba judging in fall.)

While I chose to lay low on social media and not post very much during the judging itself (I'm not sure if I even announced I was flying to Ontario to take part in the judging itself). The awards of that competition were held secret until the Canadian Imaging Competition in Vancouver at the start of May.  Not only were the awards handed out, but the entire 5 days were filled with amazing speakers and educational opportunities. I cam back hone filled with added knowledge and ideas to both take my photography skill to the next level (you can never stop learning in this industry) but also lots of business and marketing ideas to spread the word of Impact Photographic Design and why every person/family/business should invest in true professional portraiture.  

This post is just a write-up and a group photograph by my fellow photographer Sebastien Lavallée of the conference attendees. Sadly many members missed an incredible seminar this year because they didn't attend.  However the ones who did travel to the conference had a great time and an amazing learning experience.  I will share more images including my own competition images (judged anonymously by a different panel) in a future post.    

I became a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada as a 17 year old kid.  It has shaped my career immensely and i know I could never be where i am today without this amazing association and the incredible people  who belong to it.  In this industry iff you are not constantly are falling behind.

Next year's conference is in Montreal and I can't wait attend!  There is even a slight chance I'll be on stage as one of the presenters - fingers crossed!

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